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Polly's Other Treasures

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Polly Pocket Toys - 1992


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Mattel Packaging name Bluebird Packaging name

Jeweled Sea

Princess Polly's Undersea World

Jeweled Palace

Princess Polly's Eastern Paradise

Jeweled Forest

Princess Polly's Woodland Realm

Jeweled Iceland

Princess Polly's Ice Kingdom

Pop-ups Flower

Pop-ups Bow

Pop-ups Butterfly

Pop-ups Seashell

Fairy Fantasy

Polly's Fairy Glade

Fairy Wishing World

Polly's Fairy Wishing Well

Fairy Spells Locket

Little Lulu's Fairy Spells Locket

Skating Star Locket

Film Star Locket

Fairy Garden Locket

Polly's Fairyland Locket

Fashion Fun

Polly's Fairy Fashion Show

Hollywood Star

Bathing Beauty Pageant

Tiny Ballerina Ring and Ring Case

Polly at the Burger Stand

Patty's Burger Bar

Polly in the Nursery (Pink) aka Baby Care Centre (Blue)

Dr.Polly' Baby Care Centre (Pink)

Babysitting Stamper Set

Polly's Nursery Stamper Set

Stampin' School Playset

Polly's Stamper Play-Set


Pretty Present Locket

Polly in her Birthday Party Locket aka Princess Polly's Birthday Locket

Dress-up Jewel Locket

Princess Polly in her Dressing Up Locket

Sky Princess Ring

Princess Mia's Sapphire Ring

Springtime Princess

Princess Gemma's Emerald Ring

Rose Princess Ring

Princess Yasmin's Ruby Ring

Snow Princess Ring

Princess Anna's Diamond Ring

Princess Yasmin's Dangly Earrings

Shooting Star Necklace

Magic Wishing Bell

Polly's Perfume Wrist Band/Pretty Perfume Wrist Band

The Jewel Collection

Princess Polly's Sparkling Headband

Polly's Golden Dream

Charm Bracelet

Princess Anna's Hair Slides

Lady Bird Pen Pal

Dolphin Pen Pal

Snail Pen Pal

Elephant Pen Pal

Partytime Stamper Playset

Polly's Party Stamper Set

Starlight Castle


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