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1998 - Bambi Playset - Bluebird Toys


Bambi Playset for sale, if available - Click here


Style:  Playset

Shape:  Oval-ish

Color:  Snowy, green, brown, etc.

Approximate Dimensions:  7.5" X 4" X 4"


Snow-covered forest scene with a frozen pond and trees/tree stumps.  Please note that this set is missing a piece: There are  four stumps surrounding the frozen pond.  The stump furthest back came with the cover of green bush with purple flowers (similar to the bushes that surround the right side of the pond).  This piece is missing from my set.


  • The top of the tall tree can be removed to reveal an opening with jumping board inside.  Place a doll on the board, press the lever at the back of the tree and the doll jumps out.
  • Place Bambi in the footplate on the pond and place Thumper and Flower in two of the three front stumps.  As you turn the dial at the back of the set (behind the tall stump), Bambi will skate around the pond and Thumper and Flower will pop up and down in the stumps.
  • If the flower bush were present at the back stump, it is a hidey-hole for one of the characters.
  • The top of the tall tree can be removed and fits in the tree stumps or the hole at back behind the stumps.
  • Place Flower in the footplate at the mushroom, Bambi in the front footplate and attach Thumper (by his foot) to the hook in the center stump.  Then when the front dial is turned the three fellows play around.


  • Bambi
  • Thumper
  • Flower

Additional Pieces:

  • Snow Globe (independent, does not attach to set)











Bambi Playset Available for Sale

No complete sets available at this time

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