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Polly Pocket Magical Mansion - Bluebird Toys

Wiring/Lighting Photos

Here is a photo of the inside of the Magical Mansion where the wiring and light bulbs are located.  The yellow post on the left is the little table next to the chaise lounge by the pool that is pressed to  turn the light off and on.  As can be seen in the close-up, the light bulbs appear to be directly wired so does not seem that they can be replaced unless one is handy with that sort of thing and knows where replacements can be purchased.  The other issue is that the tanning bed light is the one most often not working (foyer lights, generally, seem to be fine.  As can be seen, the wiring goes up under the yellow kitchen cabinets, through the hinge and to the tanning table.  We suspect that the hinge eventually pinches or cuts the wires and that is the reason they do not work.  The problem, is that we've not found a way to access that wiring without breaking the set.


Repairing a Jammed Dance Floor in the Foyer

If, when turning the bush on the right of the front steps, your dance floor will not revolve, you should first try to loosen it by working a bit of talcum powder into it.  However, if it is just stuck solid, it is possible that the cog wheels located inside the set have been jarred such that they are out of alignment.  Here are instructions for solving that problem.

Step 1.  Turn your upside down and remove the numbered screws

Step 3.  You'll be removing the kitchen/foyer/bathroom piece (Photo 4) and the front steps (Photo 5).  You will need to wiggle them a tad but shouldn't have to use much force.



Step 2.  !!BEFORE you continue!! please note the close-up of the garage door (Photo 3).  The spring will pop out in the next step unless you use caution so be careful that you hold the door in place (open position) so that you can see how to replace it when you re-assemble the set and so that it doesn't fly off and go missing.


Photo 8 shows the view after the piece in photo 4 has been removed but before the piece in photo 5 has been removed

Step 4.  Remove the color wheel (shown in Photos 8 and 9).  You will now be able to test to see if the three cog wheels (photos 6, 10 and 11) are fitting together properly OR if they are damaged.  Chances are they just got misaligned and re-assembling them properly should do the trick. 

Step 5.  Re-assemble the set testing that the bush will now turn the floor.  You'll be able to do this once you have set the color wheel in place (goes in before other pieces) and then set the steps in place.  The most difficult part of reassembly is getting the garage spring in right.  If you have another pair of hands, they can hold the top of it in place with a pin until you get the piece in photo 4 replaced.  I find the easiest way to do it is to place a tiny piece of tape on the top of the spring and over the wall.  You can remove it when you have replaced the screws in the bottom 



Step 6.  Your set floor should be working now but if anything here is unclear, please do let us know so that the next victim will have it a little easier

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