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Bluebird Toys:  Polly's Country House

Mattel Toys:  Light-Up Bay Window House

Collection: Tiny World

Collection:  Pollyville

Ref. No.:  940291

Mattel UPC#:  074299111921

Source:  NIP

Source:  NIP

NOTES:  Press the button on the chimney top to light up (requires one "AAA" battery).  Press the button once to light one lamp, again to light the other, again to light both and again to turn them off.  The battery compartment is location in the chimney.

                                                 Bay Window House for sale, if available - Click here


Style:   Building

Shape:  Two-story house with bay windows, chimney and pink picket fence enclosed yard with palm tree

Color:  Pink with blue roof

Approximate Dimensions:  4.5" X 4.25" X 3.25"


First floor:  Entry area, table in bay window loaded with party food, kitchen and bathroom

Second floor:   Party room with stereo, TV and window seat, dressing room with closet

Attic room:  Bedroom and bathroom


    • One side of roof opens to reveal bedroom and bath
    • House swings open to reveal indoors
    • Closet door opens
    • Doors open to downstairs bath and kitchen


  • Polly Pocket, waved blond hair, purple dress with gold collar and cuffs, gold hair band, shoes and base (1993)
  • Emily, straight brown hair with bangs, yellow dress with pink collar, pink shoes and base, party hat with silver trim and elastic, pink party favor in right hand (1993)
  • Tamsin, dark skin, brown hair in pigtails held with gold ties, dark pink dress, shoes and base, holding blue present with gold ribbon in left hand (1993)
  • Jessica, red hair, parted in the middle and flipped at ends, aqua dress, shoes and base, balloons in left hand (blue, purple, yellow with yellow strings) (1993)

Additional Pieces:

  • Palm Tree, Green

Bluebird Toys used to print delightful little stories on the packaging.  Here is the story for this set:

"Polly's Country House

Polly's Country House is all set for a party, with balloons and party food, and a disco for later!  Everyone's going to have a marvelous time, especially Polly the birthday girl!  The house is all lit up, ready and waiting for the guests to arrive !"




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