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Bluebird Toys:  Polly’s Wildlife Park

Mattel Toys:  Zoo World aka Wildlife World

Collection: Classic

Collection:  Keepsakes/Pet Parade

Ref. No.:  940221

Mattel UPC#:  074299106361

Source:  NIP

Source:  NIP

NOTES:  The Bluebird Toys version distributed in the UK came with a penguin and a non-flocked polar bear.  Both pieces are dated 1993 (shown below).  Some sets came with free "bonus" items attached, for example, float and doll or pencil top and doll.


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Style:  Compact

Color:  Dark pink

Shape:  Square

Approximate Dimensions:  3.5" X 4" X 1.5"





Upper:  Tree house

Lower:  Pen, cave, pond, bridge








  • Polly Pocket, blond hair with bangs in a ponytail held with orange tie, purple top, blue shorts, orange shoes, tan base (1993)

Additional Pieces:

  • Elephant, gray with white tusks (1992-93)
  • Mr. Monkey, orange/brown color with hooked tail, cream face and belly (1993)
  • Bear, white, flocked, sitting (1993)


We have word from our friends in the UK that this set had a version with a penguin and bear that was unflocked.  Both pieces are dated 1993.  Thanks so much for offering this additional information, ladies!!

Bluebird Toys used to print delightful little stories on the packaging.  Here is the story for this set:

"Polly's Wildlife Park

The animals in the Wildlife Park love it when Polly comes to talk to them.  The penguin whooshes down his slide, the polar bear waves to her from his cave, the elephant curls his trunk and the monkey swings from branch to branch by his tail!  Polly especially like visiting the Treehouse because she can say hello to the giraffe and the parrot, and she can whiz down the hollow tree chute to see the lion in his den!"





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