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Bluebird Toys:  Jewel Case Play-Set

Mattel Toys:  Jewel Case Play-Set

Collection: None

Collection:  None

Ref. No.:  900621

Mattel UPC:  074299051371

Source:  NIP

Source:  NIP

NOTES:  There are five variations of this set regarding the interior colors. While they vary in other ways, the criteria for showing the variations for purposes of this site will be "Polly's House" in the upper left of top of the interior of the sets. The exterior of the cases are the same for each variation as are the dolls.  The animals and accessories are the same with each set EXCEPT the kiosks and tractors.

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Style:  Compact

Color:  Lavender with pink clasp

Shape:   Rectangular

Approximate Dimensions:  7" X 9.75" X 3.5"




Interior: Yellow Polly's House Variation

Upper:  Village with house with attached stable, yard and detached stable on hilltop, follow road into town to find a bakery, diner, bank, garage and small house

Lower:  Park, farmland, river and pastures

Lower is a tray which lifts out to reveal red "velvet"-lined two-section tray for storing treasures


  • Four gates on the lower tray open
  • Merry-go-round spins
  • Teeter-totter goes up and down










  • Polly Pocket, short blond curly hair with red headband, short-sleeved pink dress with white bow tie, white shoes and base (1989)
  • Polly Pocket, short blond curly hair with red headband, short-sleeved purple blouse, black jodhpurs, black boots and base (1989)
  • Wee Willie, blond "Dutch-boy" haircut, short-sleeved yellow shirts, light blue trousers, white shoes and base (1989)
  • Midge, short straight red hair with bangs, long-sleeved green shirt, blue overalls, green shoes and base (1989)
  • Tiny Tina, blond hair in pigtails held with pink ties, bangs, pink sleeveless dress, white shoes with pink ties, white base (1989)
  • Kate aka Buttons, short straight blond hair parted on her right, short-sleeved green dress with green and white pleats at bottom, white apron, white shoes with green ties, white base (1989)
  • Mr. Sprout, Farmer, light brown hair, light brown brimmed-hat, brown moustache, slate blue suit, green tie, green shoes and base (1989)
  • Mr. Moneybags, bald with brown fringe, glasses, light brown suite, white shirt, green tie, brown shoes and base (1989)
  • Mr. Skint, the bank manager, bald with gray fringe, glasses, gray suit, white shirt, gray tie, black shoes and base (1989)










Additional Pieces:

  • Car, yellow with silver trim and wheels, blue seat and undercarriage (1989)
  • Tractor, red with silver trim, blue wheels that turn and blue undercarriage (1989)
  • Telephone kiosk, blue
  • Sheep, two, white with black face (1989)
  • Bull, black with white horns (1989)
  • Horse, tan with brown tail, mane, hooves and eyes (1989)
  • Horse with rider, tan with brown tail, mane, hooves and eyes.  Rider with short brown hair with bangs, green suit (1989)





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