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Uncovering the Secrets of Polly Pocket Collectors Guide Book

Polly Pocket

To children of all ages:

You have been asking for it and here it is!
Uncovering the Secrets of Polly Pocket

The only Complete Polly Pocket guide book for collectors of vintage Polly Pocket sets, written by the creators of the ever-popular web site, is now in  print!

Here is a little about the guide:
  • Over 500 pages of color pictures, literally thousands, with descriptions and details  of everything we know about the wonderful Polly Pockets that were created between 1989 and 2002 (sets with 1" and 1.25" dolls)
  • Brief histories of Bluebird Toys, Ltd. and how Polly was born.
  • Of course, all the sets that appear on this web site and many more
  • Pages and pages of well-organized and expanded identification of dolls, babies, animals and accessories
  • Many, many more names of the little girls, boys and pets who live in Pollyville
  • Tables of contents throughout to make finding the information you seek quick and easy
  • Most of the lovely little stories that were included in the packaging and written by Bluebird Toys, Ltd.
  • Printed on beautiful, high-quality, glossy paper so your guide will last through years of browsing
  • Hardcover, spiral-bound format so that your guide will lay flat while you are using it.
  • Plus many more features!

Your guide book will include a CD with a complete list of all of the Polly Pockets sets in a simple spreadsheet format so that you can keep an inventory of your collection!

The Disney sets, while made by Bluebird Toys, are not Polly Pocket and are, therefore, not included in the guide



PRICE:  USD $139.95 plus shipping (shipping cost for your country shown on "purchase" page before you commit)

Shipping Discount on two copies:

Two guides will fit it the box.  If you have/know a fellow Polly Pocket collector, friend, relative, colleague, etc. who would also like a copy of the guide, two copies can be sent in the SAME box to the SAME address for the same shipping cost shown on the next page.  Please email to make arrangements if you wish to take advantage of this savings


**PLEASE Do not combine with purchase of any other items...the guide ships in a specific- sized box** 

Purchase your copy of Uncovering the Secrets of Polly Pocket Now!

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